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Data Type Mapping

SQL Server and the .NET Framework are based on different type systems.”

I am still thinking about that dime I lost using sql REAL data type.

Sql REAL is equivalent to a DotNet Frame work single.

Sql FLOAT is equivalent to a DotNet Frame work double.

Why did they do this?

Here is a complete list:

SQL Server Data Type  Mappings



A friend and former coworker gave me a wood sign for my birthday.    The sign reads, “Why Yes.  I am overqualified.”   Am I?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Dunning–Kruger effect is a cognitive bias in which low-ability individuals suffer from illusory superiority, mistakenly assessing their ability as much higher than it really is. Dunning and Kruger attributed this bias to a metacognitive inability of those of low ability to recognize their ineptitude and evaluate their ability accurately. Their research also suggests corollaries: high-ability individuals may underestimate their relative competence and may erroneously assume that tasks which are easy for them are also easy for others.[1]

Dunning and Kruger have postulated that the effect is the result of internal illusion in those of low ability, and external misperception in those of high ability: “The miscalibration of the incompetent stems from an error about the self, whereas the miscalibration of the highly competent stems from an error about others.”[1]

The Gift

Do I take my gift and display it on my desk?

Or should I leave the gift in the trunk of my car and recalibrate?

Modern Jackass

Modern Jackass is a term coined on the radio show This American Life.  It’s worth a listen.

“The thing about Modern Jackass is, it’s usually not something about which you know nothing. It’s something about which you know a little bit, enough to sort of get yourself into trouble.”

As a web developer working in the Microsoft stack, I  design SQL schema, write stored procedures in T-SQL, design web sites in ASP.Net and ASP.Net MVC using Visual Basic and C#.  I need to be proficient in HTML, JavaScript,  VBScript, JQuery, JQuery UI an CSS.  I design reports with Crystal Reports and SSRS.

Confession Time

I have not mastered any of the technologies listed above.  I know a little bit about them all.

I am a Modern Jackass Certified Developer.

Float vs. Real

SQL Data Types

What is the difference between a FLOAT and a REAL?   Last week, It was ten cents ($0.10) on $2.3 million dollar budget account.

Both FLOAT and REAL are approximate number data types.  FLOAT storage size is 8 bytes.  REAL storage size is 4 bytes.

I used REAL as a return type in a stored procedure.  The difference in precision cause the two reports not to match.

Looking Back

I should not have used either of these approximate number data types.   I think DECIMAL(18,2) would have been a better choice.

The Cloud

I attended SQLSaturday event this morning in Phenix City, Alabama – my home town.  The event was held in the new Troy State University building located on the west bank of the Chattahoochee river.

Two sessions on Azure SQL Database peaked my interest:

Both sessions were presented by Sven Aelterman.  Sven was entertaining and obviously a master his subject.

Two takeaways from today

This is very cool.  I want to play with it.  A development database is very cheap – free with MSDN subscription.

And if you decide to go to the cloud.  Go all the way!  Sven showed us how to archive database to cloud storage and says blob storage is dirt cheap.



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